Our advantages



     There are many reasons to choose our company.


     1. Individual approach to each customer. We strive to maximum satisfaction of our customers’ desires, which is the key to our mutual success!


     2. Creation of dresses by your photos and sketches. You can order a copy of almost any dress you like.


     3. The possibility of tailoring by individual measures. You can make an order for the dress by individual measures of brides who have not a standard figure.


     4. Our high quality and fast fulfillment of the order. We really understand that short manufacturing terms are very important to each seller.


     5. We produce dresses of all sizes. There are a few manufacturers who make plus size wedding dresses. So, it is another reason to order from us.


     6. Ability to manufacture urgent orders and fast delivery. The ability to fill urgent orders gives you an opportunity to stand out from other bridal boutiques.


     7. Our dresses fully comply to promotional photos.


     8. Fabrics from France, Italy and Turkey. We are constantly striving to expand our assortment with high-quality and fashionable fabrics and decor.


     9. Corset accessories from Germany. Metal spring bones will not break and will not make you fill uncomfortable. They can help to tighten your waist up to 12cm.


     10. There is a possibility of exclusive representation. Every wedding boutique wants to have an exclusive goods.


     11. Advertising support. We provide our customers with high-resolution photos, advertising through our website, etc.


     12. Wedding dresses Only You look very expensive, but actually cost much cheaper.


      We do our job well bringing good profits and success to your business!